Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Tree The Strawberry Tree The Strawberry Tree

The only certified organic restaurant in Ireland, with a daily changing menu that reflects the seasons, and featuring the freshest organic and wild foods, many grown to order on nearby organic farms, or foraged by our own chefs and full time food forager, on the lanes and in the fields and woods surrounding Macreddin. Winner of the Best Leinster Restaurant 2010 and 2014.

The innovative cuisine is matched by the dramatic surroundings, which includes a walk-in Wild Foods Pantry, featuring much of the produce foraged and prepared by our crew, as well as a selection of meats, cured in our own Smoke House, and great Irish cheeses.

The Strawberry Tree is open for Dinner Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm. (Open 7 nights a week in August)

Sample Strawberry Tree Evening Menu

Sample Strawberry Tree Tasting Menu

The Big Table Experience

The Big Table The Big Table The Big Table

The Big Table provides a unique opportunity for The Strawberry Tree Kitchen to prepare Foods and a Menu that simply cannot be served in a normal restaurant setting, presented on a single table that can stretch from 8 to 40 people.

Commencing with a simple pre-starter, all the food then arrives together to The Big Table in the style of a Feast and is presented on platters in the centre of the table for guest to pick and choose, and to mix and match the foods 'til their hearts content!! Guests are encouraged to help serve the person on both sides of them, helping to add to the conviviality and atmosphere of the table.

After enjoying a selection plate of desserts guests can help themselves to some wonderful Organic Cheeses, which are kept at perfect temperature in the old wine cellar.

Even the menu is presented in a different style in that rather than the recipe been highlighted, it is the supplier, farmer or artisan producer that is named and written about.

Sample "Big Table" Menu

The Big Harvest

Farm harvest arrives to The Strawberry Tree Kitchen daily, and our daily menu reflects this and is only decided upon when all is delivered…this is what we are proud of, and this is what we do with produce from our Farmers, 365! The Big Harvest only arrives once a year when our menu bursts with all this wonderful produce, for all too brief cameo appearances, with a menu dedicated totally to the Farm.

The Big Harvest menu is available until the fresh harvest runs out, and this depends on a number of things e.g. the weather! However, we hope it will be available right up to the end of September.

The Big Harvest menu is priced at €75pp and pre-booking is necessary on 0402 36444 or email

The BIG HARVEST - Sample Menu


What organically certified means in layman's terms:
  • Yes To: Natural ingredients, healthy soil, genetic diversity, natural landscape and habitats.

  • No To: Harmful Pesticides, Herbicides, GMO's, Irradiation, Fumigation, Synthetic Additives and Artificial Chemical Fertilizers.
What organically certified means in legal terms:

The word 'Organic' has legal connotations when applied to Enterprises that are managed and products produced in compliance with (EEC) Regulation 1804/99 as amended and in accordance with the Standards for Organic Food & Farming in Ireland (September 2002 Edition). The Dept. of Agriculture together with The Organic Trust has the authority to issue such certificates.

Organic Venison The Strawberry Tree
What organically certified means to The Strawberry Tree:

Quite simply, it puts the restaurant into a league of it's own. Not one other restaurant in Ireland is certified, with maybe only a dozen or so on mainland Europe.

What organically certified means to our customers:

Well, what's on the menu for them? Or more to the point, what is not on the menu!

Irish and E.U. law does not allow conventional foods in the kitchen of The Strawberry Tree. So they can be sure that the ingredients supplied to us by our Organic Producers, contain none of the nasties listed above.

The framed Organic Licenses at the Strawberry Tree entrance are a comfort to our customers in a time when everyone is concerned about Chemicals, Pesticides and Genetically Modified foods. They are a legal assurance that their meal will be as nature intended - fresh and without any of the hidden additives of conventional foods.