The Essential DECLEOR Paris, Spa Mosaic - Body Care

Aroma Massage RelaxDECLEOR treatments

A gentle body massage designed to rebalance energy flow and ease tension using 100% natural massage balm. Simple rocking movements along your body's energy meridians offer deep relaxation, that soothe the body into instant well being.

1 Hour

Aroma Massage Relax Delux

As above, but including a scalp massage.

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Aroma Relax Envelopement

This very complete treatment commences with a gentle body exfoliation, followed by a massage of the entire body and an application of a rich cream mask. Wrapped in a heated blanket to reinforce the hydration action and intensify the relaxing effect, you will feel as if you were wrapped in a wonderful soft cocoon. An enveloping warmth moves through your body, producing an incomparable sensation of well-being and relaxation.

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Aroma Detox Envelopment

A full body exfoliation followed by a massage using essential oils to drain and boost your system, a mask rich in plant extracts is applied which helps to refine the body by draining toxins, relax in a cocoon of effectiveness in a heated blanket.

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Aroma Flow Envelopement

Beginning with exfoliation followed by a full body friction massage which helps boost blood circulation and stimulate skin tissue. Wrapped in a heated blanket to promote skin exchanges and the elimination of toxins and excess water, you will feel as if you were lighter than ever.

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Aroma Perfect Back

Purifies and deep cleanses.

30 Minutes

Aroma Perfect Legs

The perfect antidote for heavy legs and tired feet. Soothes helps restore light legs.

1 Hour

Aroma Perfect Contour

Specially designed to target the most stubborn areas like thighs, hips, bottoms and tummy, where toxins excess water and fatty deposits settle, this intensive treatment combines an anti-cellulite draining massage with the application of a treatment cream consisting of marine active ingredients. The intensive targeted solution for a slimmer, smoother figure.

1 Hour

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