Well, what a difference a change of wind direction and a week or two makes. Gone are the harsh northerly winds and at last the ground temperature has risen to above the 8 degrees required for growth. And wow, does nature make up for lost time! We’ve never seen the buds and the blossoms appear so fast. The wild Rowan, Elder, Sloe and more are just bursting. The wild Primrose is splashing its colour everywhere including on our salads and the fabulous nettle plant is at the perfect height for the first harvest. Here’s one of our recipes for a nettle and potato soup. Perfect time to use up last years potatoes and add a dash of springtime with the freshness of baby nettle leaves…enjoy!


100g Wild Nettle Leaves, picked carefully! 10g Wild Garlic Leaves 350g Old Organic Potatoes, roughly chopped A Large Organic Onion sliced 2 Sticks Organic Celery, chopped roughly An Organic Leek, sliced 2 Bay leaves 2 pints Organic Vegetable stock 50 ml Organic cream Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Black Pepper


In a large pot, heat oil and simmer Onions, Celery and Bay leaves together until soft. Add the Leeks and cook for a few minutes, then Garlic, season lightly, and then add in the Potatoes. Stir everything together clockwise and pour in the Vegetable stock. Bring to the boil, then turn down to simmer, cook until the Potatoes are soft. When Potatoes are cooked, add in the Wild Nettles and Wild Garlic, cook for a few minutes, remove from the heat and blitz in a processor until smooth.


Pour soup puree back in the pot; add cream to right consistency, warm and season with Sea Salt & Black Pepper as required. Serve with a swirl of Wild Garlic Pesto or cream topped with ground Nutmeg.


Is a perfect transition from the heavy winter-warmer style soups to the lighter style of Summer! Flavoured with the last of the Winter leeks, thickened with fabulous floury old Spuds and combined with the first taste of spring with the baby Wild Nettles and the hint of Wild Garlic, this is a perfect early spring soup.

Recipe: Evan Doyle, The Strawberry Tree Restaurant

Photo's: courtesy of Evan Doyle 

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