Self-guided walk along the Macreddin PURE Mile to celebrate National Heritage Week


We have chosen to celebrate the historical importance of local hedgerows this Heritage Week as a tribute to the hard work and dedication of Macreddin Village residents in establishing the Macreddin PURE Mile. We have created a Macreddin PURE Mile walking guide for guests to use as a way of identifying edible herbs, leaves, berries, mushrooms and fruits as well as a range of native wildlife as they amble alongside the hedgerows.

Our commitment to the local environment and the use of wild and organic ingredients in the Strawberry Tree restaurant made the Macreddin PURE Mile initiative a natural fit for National Heritage week.

As the site of one of the few 17th century Plantation Towns, Macreddin is steeped in local history and heritage.  However, we felt it would be more appropriate to focus on our natural heritage this Heritage Week, particularly given the fact that the Macreddin PURE Mile won the National Heritage Award in 2013 and are hopeful for further success this year.

We want our guests to learn how to open their eyes to the wonderful native plant, wild life and heritage that surrounds us.  And, because of this we decided to create a self-guided walk to help people spot a range of plants, fruits and mushrooms, many of which have been used as ingredients for generations, as well as native Irish red squirrels, pheasants, foxes, kingfishers, deer and rabbits.

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