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Macreddin Village has been committed to “keeping it green” since first opening its doors in 1999. In a promise to its customers that the food would be unadulterated and chemical free, The Strawberry Tree Restaurant became the first and only Restaurant in Ireland to hold a full Organic licence. The Strawberry Tree is Organically Certified by The Organic Trust; this internationally respected quality mark offers consumers an assurance of the integrity of organically grown produce and safeguards the interests of organic producers.

Before streaming waste became ‘mainstream’, Macreddin Village was ahead of the curve and was encouraging its waste collection companies to accept separated waste for recycling. Macreddin Village now has 15 streams for waste. To reduce the use of plastics in Macreddin Village, all venues within the Village serving bevergages use biodegradable straws only. Our Front of House Crew do not use plastic laminating pouches for signage. Each office has a recycling system to segregate waste into the correct streams and all paper used throughout the Village is 100% recycled.

When a spring was discovered in Macreddin Village, it was decided to install Ireland’s largest geo-thermal hotel heat recovery system which heats both swimming pools. All the water used in The Wells Spa is sourced from our very own pure water well. After investing more than 2 million euros in a greener future, Macreddin Village has made a successful statement that this is indeed…the way forward.

BrookLodge & Macreddin Village is the only Hotel in Ireland with two, 200KVA carbon-neutral Wood-Chip Burners providing all the hot water in your sink, your bath and your shower. In 2018, Macreddin Village committed to purchasing Biogas. Biogas is not a fossil fuel, but is made entirely from organic waste. Biogas combined with our woodchip plants means that all the fuel required in Macreddin Village is totally carbon neutral...

The Damana bathroom products that are provided for the guests of Macreddin Village are 100% natural and truly organic. These products are 99.9% biodegradable and are supplied to us in packaging made entirely from recycled materials.

The Toilet Paper is 100% recycled and is produced from the raw material obtained from recycled cellulose fibres present in beverage cartons.

A few steps closer to a greener future…

The BrookLodge & Macreddin Village aims to help build the future for sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism. As an industry leader we strive to consistently maintain and update our reduction, reuse, recycling and energy-saving policies, as well as promote the sale of local organic products which are grown naturally and traded fairly. 

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