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Special & Environmental Awards

BrookLodge & Macreddin Village have capped the McKenna's Guides Green Award for ZER0KM.

In the words of Sally & John... It took Evan Doyle and the team at the BrookLodge 18 months to grow, rear, ripen, process and cook all the ingredients needed for the 15-course ZER0KM Dinner and drinks they served in October 2017. Everything came from the locality of Macreddin, and everything was mind-blowingly good. Truth be told, Evan Doyle began this journey back when we first met him, which was in... 1989. Clean, green, organic, with ZER0 food miles, ZER0KM was a virtuosic demonstration of food environmentalism, at its zenith.

Read more about Macreddin Village's ZER0KM Project here.

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