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Private Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The day before your wedding is also a private time when family and friends come together to break bread over dinner and enjoy simple conviviality.

The Big Table Experience at The Strawberry Tree Restaurant does this perfectly. No other restaurant in Ireland can sit up to 44 people at one table, provide the formality of a multi-award winning restaurant and yet the total relaxed nature that we provide with The Big Table Experience and style of service.

Mommas Table in La Taverna Armento – our Southern Italian style Bistro, lends totally to informal family celebrations and ticks the pre-wedding night requirements perfectly.

The night before the Big Day is really about Private Family gatherings, both The Strawberry Tree Restaurant and La Taverna Armento are perfect venues within Macreddin Village for these kinds of celebrations. However, you can also have a Private snug in Actons Country Pub to enjoy some food and drink or The Game Bar in The Waterside Lounge is ideal for a drink over a light supper in the evening.

Private Post-Wedding Celebrations

The day after your wedding is so different… this is where you can totally relax and really enjoy every encounter, every banter and every morsel. We do this really well here at Macreddin Village and we realise that this is a time where you can let your hair down, not just with family but also with friends. Our Private Village BBQ’s and real Spit-Roasts provide the perfect ‘day after the night before comfort foods’.

If it’s in The Orchard, we will have candles hanging off the apple trees, if it’s in Macreddin Chapel, we’ll have your white wine chilling in the river. All you have to do is tell us your wishes and we will make them come true…

There are six other locations with Macreddin Village for your Post-Wedding celebrations where we provide food, drink and entertainment. You decide and we will provide…Now that’s just so simple.