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Held on the 05th October 2017

The growing public desire for more knowledge as to the provenance of the food they consume has been answered by many restaurants worldwide with innovative concepts such as Fifty Mile Foods or Ten Mile Meals.

However, there have always been niggling questions about these Food Stories. Questions such as did the milk really come directly from a farm within a ten mile radius, what about the flour for the bread, where did the oil or vinegar used in the kitchen come from, even the wine served at the dinner was that grown, pressed and fermented within ten miles?

This got us thinking here in Macreddin Village, would it be possible to actually produce a totally complete Dinner here from within a ten mile radius and we agreed that we thought we could.

And then while we were discussing all the ingredients required for such a Dinner, we realised that with a little help from our producer and farmer friends we could actually rear, grow and harvest all the produce and ingredients required for one Dinner on one Night within less than one Kilometre from Macreddin Village…the world’s first ZER0KM Dinner! 

Never being shy with a challenge…the concept of producing the World’s first ZER0KM Dinner was first introduced and discussed here in Macreddin in February 2016 and was held on the 05th of October 2017.

150 Guests including Farmers and Friends that assisted us during our ZER0KM journey were served the World's First ZER0KM Dinner...

For more information on this Unique ZER0KM Project - WWW.ZER0KM.COM