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Ireland’s Ancient East

“Learn the stories of a place and you'll come to understand the soul of its people."


Following on from the successes of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Failte Ireland have come together to produce an overwhelmingly authentic campaign, promoting Ireland’s Ancient East – through the art of storytelling...

From ancient high kings to modern day poets, saints and scholars to ramblers and fishermen, Ireland's Ancient East pulsates with legendary tales. With the maps as your guide and the itineraries as your inspiration, you're about to prepare for a real-life journey through this mystical place.” https://www.discoverireland.ie/irelands-ancient-east, (2019)

On the impressive Ancient East website, visitors can watch videos and look at places to visit under themes such as “Ancient Ireland”, “Sacred Ireland”, “Castles and Conquests” and “Big Houses and Hard Times”. You can map out three- and seven-day itineraries across the northeast, through the centre of Ireland or from the southeast to the northeast. Explore the Stories and discover themes like Castles and Conquests, Vikings, Sacred Ireland and High Kings and Heroes, all of which you can experience in Ireland’s Ancient East. Ireland's Ancient East covers the area outside of Dublin and east of the River Shannon, extending from Carlingford to Cavan and south to Cork City, including East County Cork and East County Limerick.



BrookLodge & Macreddin Village -  Our Story


There seems little doubt that the early Pre-Christian habitants of Ireland were of a particularly discerning nature and made their abode in the parts of the country where the scenery was at its most beautiful and the harvest from land and water at its most bountiful. The famous Saint Kevin found this out to his cost when he arrived to the Macreddin district to establish his fifth century monastery and discovered a chief of some importance named Credin had already taken up residence. In the ancient manuscript - “The Latin Life of Kevin”, it is described how Credin was killed by his enemies and miraculously brought back to life by the Saint. The Macreddin District grew into an area of great importance, housing a garrison of troops and at one stage sending two members to the Irish House of Commons, before slowly slipping into decline in the late nineteenth century.

The unique and picturesque village of Macreddin welcomed the opening of The BrookLodge Hotel right in the heart of the Village in 1999. Over the years, Macreddin Village has developed and become a Village for all occasions and is now home to 86 luxurious Bedrooms of various styles, The Strawberry Tree Restaurant – Ireland’s first certified Organic Restaurant, The Wild Foods Pantry - a treasure trove of Wild Foods that have been foraged and preserved by The Strawberry Tree Brigade, La Taverna Armento – our Southern Italian style bistro, Actons Country Pub & The Orchard Café, The Waterside Lounge, Macreddin Organic Bakery, Macreddin Smokehouse, The Store Rooms – our food & gift shop, The Wells Spa – an adult only destination Spa and Macreddin Golf Course.


To find out more information and to learn how you can experience Marceddin’s intriguing past, please contact info@brooklodge.com or feel free to call us on (0402) 36444


To learn more about Ireland's Ancient East - check out their website here: https://www.irelandsancienteast.com/

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