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Officially, we may be closed at present but we are still providing our neighbours and locals with the chance to continue enjoying our food offering during these testing times. Now, more than ever; it’s nice to enjoy a treat.

We are offering an Order & Collect Take Out Menu with highlight’s such as Seared and Roasted Aged Beef Fillet, Confit Shallots, Full Bone Gravy followed by A Rich and Deep Dark Organic Chocolate Dessert.

The process is very simple and of course with the current situation at the forefront of our minds, social distancing is our priority during all steps of the process.

1) Call the Macreddin Village Crew on 0402 36444 before 3pm on the day of collection
2) Choose your preferred options from the menu (this is the most difficult step…)
3) Pick a collection time between 6-8pm
4) Provide contact details and payment
5)  Park along  the Macreddin Village Street outside of Actons Country Pub (please try not to be late…)
6) Open your car boot
7) A member of our Team will place your order in the boot and sterilise the handle afterwards
8) The last step is the best – sit back, enjoy and think of your next visit to Macreddin

Take a look at this weekend’s Order & Collect Take Out Menu HERE…

This new venture has been going very well for us and we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to those who have given their support. Here is just a small snippet of the lovely feedback we have received so far:

‘Thanks a million to our friends in BrookLodge. We had call and collect from Strawberry Tree tonight for dinner and it was fab - while we missed the lovely ambiance of the hotel, we were nonetheless delighted with the lovely food’


‘My Mum treated us to a take out from The Strawberry Tree on Saturday night last and treat was the operative word!! It was simply sublime! The care and attention to detail in the presentation was second to none and the food was just to die for. She also ordered a pizza for our 7 year old and it too was a massive hit! It was a truly lovely experience and a super representation of what you do in The Strawberry Tree. We were there as we savoured every mouthful !’

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