BrookLodge & Macreddin Village

The Perfect Place... For a Safe Stay

For social responsibility reasons [Covid19] BrookLodge & Macreddin Village is closed at the moment with the hope of reopening in June 2021. However, for now we are fully available to assist with any query and as always Management and Crew are still living here in Macreddin.

If you require assistance, please call us on 0402 36444 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Life as we know it at Macreddin Village has changed over the course of the past year.
Our everyday tasks and duties have had to be altered
to take in to account the current situation that we all find ourselves facing.
We want our future guests to enjoy some 'away' time and to indulge in everything we have to offer
but we want this to happen with the safety of you and our Crew as a priority.
In preparation for your arrival, we have been busy behind the scenes...
take a look at our full 'Stay Safe Programme' below to see just how busy we have been.

Macreddin Village Stay Safe Programme...


Looking forward to Welcoming you very soon

. From all The Crew & Management in Macreddin Village...

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