Macreddin Village's second restaurant, La Taverna Armento, features a full Southern Italian menu, based on the magnificent foods available from the countryside surrounding the Village of Armento in the province of Basilicata.

The genesis of La Taverna Armento came from the marriage of Deirdre Doyle, of Aughrim Village, to Michele Canosa, of Armento. Because of this encounter, we had the chance opportunity to meet with Michele who helped us source some products for our Organic Licence for The Strawberry Tree Restaurant, things like Organic Olive Oil, Organic Balsamic and Organic Coffee etc. Since then Michele has encouraged the good people of Armento Village and it’s surrounds to provide Macreddin Village with more and more Organic produce.

So, when the time came to open a second restaurant in Macreddin, it seemed a natural progression to opt for a friendly and casual Italian Taverna - of course, we had no choice but to call this Restaurant, Armento…

Most of our chefs have had the pleasure of many visits to this wonderful Town and have had the opportunity of meeting with the Artisan farmers and producers, and working closely with the local chefs, to bring to you the authentic taste of Southern Italy with Pizzas fired in our Wood Oven and Fresh Pastas from the Hob.

Mommas Table at La Taverna Armento

Mommas Table at La Taverna Armento offers a group dining experience like no other. Begin with your Antipasti to share. Followed by Platters from a selection of the night’s menu. Guests are encouraged to help serve the person on both sides of them, helping to add to the conviviality and atmosphere of the table.

September - La Taverna Armento is open Wednesday to Monday from 7pm (closed Tuesday's)

October, Novmeber & December - La Taverna Armento is open Thursday to Monday from 7pm (closed Tuesday's & Wednesday's)

La Taverna Armento – Sample Dinner Menu
La Taverna Armento – Sample Mommas Table Menu

"Call The Macreddin Village Crew on 0402 36444 to secure a table for your true Italian Dining Experience."