Eco-Meet, Green-Meet & Conference Planning

As a meeting planner you know that choosing a venue with which you feel comfortable in conducting this vital part of your business is no easy task.

To host any meeting you need to give people new experiences - ones they’ll talk about for years, but you also know that you need to be in the position to answer to the credentials of your chosen location.

Hosting an environmentally responsible meeting is an important statement about your company. Not alone is it a statement that your company means business, but that your company is not being reckless with its resources.

So…how do you do both?

The answer might well be ‘The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme’ - our own green meeting and conference planning option.

The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme provides a meeting structure and a destination that allows you carry on, in a conscious free environment, ‘the business of business’ and encourages maximum waste diversion and environmental awareness for conference attendees.

Your Macreddin Green-Meeting Headliners

Heat & Cooling

The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme offers you Ireland’s only Geo-Thermal energy resourced Conference Suites. Twenty-six kilometers of underground pipe-work provide under-floor heating and also air-conditioning for your conference.

Hot Water

BrookLodge & Macreddin Village is the only Hotel in Ireland with two, 200KVA carbon-neutral Wood-Chip Burners providing all the hot water in your sink, your bath and your shower.


In 2018, Macreddin Village committed to purchasing Biogas. Biogas is not a fossil fuel, but is made entirely from organic waste. Biogas combined with our woodchip plants means that all the fuel required in Macreddin Village is totally carbon neutral...

Cold Water

The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme offers you and your delegates carbonated and still pure-water from its very own Village well.


The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme is fully committed and signed up to purchasing only renewable, rather than conventional electricity for your conference.


The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme has fifteen separate ‘Streams for Waste’, for more than sixteen years and was the first Hotel in Ireland to instigate such a diverse listing. To reduce the use of plastics in Macreddin Village, all venues within the Village serving bevergages use biodegradable straws only. Our Front of House Crew do not use plastic laminating pouches for signage. Each office has a recycling system to segregate waste into the correct streams and all paper used throughout the Village is 100% recycled. 


The Macreddin Village Green-Meet Programme follows fully through when it comes to food for your attendees by offering Ireland’s first Certified Organic Restaurant – The Strawberry Tree. If we served ‘conventional foods’ last year over 36 tonnes of chemicals would have been used to grow the food.


Macreddin Village uniquely works in association with The Climate Protection Partnership. We will financially offset all CO₂ travel emissions for all your delegates and fully certify your event.


Please call The Sales and Events Team on 0402 36444 or email Peace of mind when it comes to choosing a green location for your conference is only ‘an environmentally friendly’ email or call away.

Make your contribution to a Greener Future with BrookLodge & Macreddin Village