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The BrookLodge & Macreddin Village Food Market Returns for 2024

We look forward to welcoming you to Our Village Food Market, one of Ireland’s longest-running markets, now in its 24th year! 

Held on the first Sunday of each month from April to October, this lively market is a haven for food enthusiasts and a delightful day out for families.

A Feast for the Senses
From 12 noon until 5 pm, the market bursts into life with a variety of stalls offering an eclectic mix of culinary delights. Whether you’re a cheese aficionado, a chutney lover, or have a penchant for sweet treats, Our Village Food Market has something for everyone.

The Main Attractions
No visit to the market would be complete without trying our renowned pig-on-the-spit. The enticing aroma and succulent flavours pay homage to the age-old tradition of slow cooking. As you browse, let the soothing tunes of live jazz serenade you, creating a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere.

Meet the Stallholders
Our Village Food Market owes much of its charm to our dedicated and talented stallholders. Here’s a snapshot of some of the regulars who bring their passion and expertise to the market:

Denis Healy – Organic Delights
Denis offers a range of organic vegetables that are not only fresh but bursting with flavour. His dedication to organic farming practices ensures you receive the highest quality produce.

Olive & Pat Germaine – The Birds and The Teas
Treat yourself to a delightful selection of chutneys, relishes, and preserves curated by Olive & Pat. Made traditionally using the finest locally sourced ingredients, their offerings are modern twists on tea-time favourites!

Maxim Costic – Earth Food Chocolates
For chocolate fanatics, Maxim’s stall is a must-visit! Committed to energising people with healthy treat options, his luxurious chocolates are crafted with nutritionally rich ingredients, offering indulgence that enhances well-being.

Petros Konsoulas – The Soul of Crete
Discover the authentic flavours of Crete with Petros’ range of Mediterranean delights. This artisan Irish company sources premium Greek products, bringing the taste of Greece to Ireland!

Hermione Winters – Slow Food Ireland
Hermione’s stall highlights the best of Slow Food Ireland, championing sustainable and ethical food practices. Her offerings embody a commitment to quality, flavour and environmental responsibility.

Rod & Julie Calderpotts – Highbank Orchards
Experience the taste of Ireland with Rod & Julie’s impressive selection of ciders, juices, and other apple-based products from Highbank Orchards. Their stall celebrates organic local produce and traditional craftsmanship.

Janes Sellers – Janes Bees Honey
Janes’ artisanal honey is a labour of love. Produced by her own bees, the honey is pure, natural and incredibly delicious—a sweet reminder of nature’s beauty.

Edit Juhasz – Edit’s Bakery
Last but not least, Edit’s Bakery offers a delectable range of cakes, buns and pastries baked to perfection. These tempting treats are sure to leave you wanting more!

Join Us!
So, mark your calendars and join us at Our Village Food Market for a day filled with food, fun, and community spirit. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, we guarantee you’ll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face. See you there!

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